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As  many of the items are bespoke unfortunately it is not possible to order multiples

7 in 1 Mahogany Bowl
Reference: NO 6
A Bowl that has been turned from 7 different centres to give the piece that unique look of no other This piece would be great for holding nibbles or sweets at party time
7 in 1 Mahogany bowl
Reference: NO 7
A Bowl that has been turned from 7 different centres to give the piece that unique look of no other.This bowl; would be great for holding sweets at party time
A Cedar Bowl
Reference: NO 8
A Cedar Bowl with some unique texturing to both the topside and underside
Ash Bowl
Reference: NO 16
This Bowl is made from Ash and is a beautiful example of the wood itself. the bowl is170mm x 70mm
Ash Platter
Reference: NO 15
This Ash platter is 345mm x 50mm and has a wax finish
Burr Elm Platter
Reference: NO 13
This beautiful Burr Elm platter would be ideal for holding sweets at the time of a party. it has some texturing on the back that further enhances this lovely piece
A Cherry natural edged bowl that has been pierced following the natural edge of the piece
Christmas Trees
Reference: NO 23
These are just a selection of the trees to be had. The trees stand 400 mm high and have battery powered lights up inside of them. The pots are all different shapes and texturing. THE PRICE IS PER TREE
Elm Bowl
Reference: NO 20
This bowl is made from Elm and has some lovely grain patterns along with a small amount of Burr incorporated into the piece. The size of the bowl 270mm x 110mm and has a Wood Wax finish
Elm Bowl
Reference: NO 18
This is a beautiful small Elm bowl with some delicate texturing. The bowl measures 180mm x 40mm and has a Wood wax finish
Elm Natural Edged Bowl
Reference: NO 19
This bowl is made from a lovely piece of Elm with a hint of green running through the wood, the dimension of the bowl is 250mm x 125mm and has a Wood wax finish
Elm Pedestal Bowl
Reference: NO 24
This Elm Pedestal Bowl has some beautiful grain patterns and would look great on any dining room table. the bowl dimensions are 450 mm x 125 mm
Lighting up Snowmen
Reference: NO 22
These are just some of the snowmen i have for sale. They are all either made from Ash or Oak with the hats all being different. The price is per snowman
Mahogany Bowl
Reference: NO 32
This Bowl is very rare as it has been Turned at 7 different centres opposed to normally one. The bowl is made from Mahogany and dressed in Wood Wax. The bowl is 355 mm x 55mm.
Oak Urn
Reference: NO 30
An Urn made from Scottish Oak and dressed in Gloss Lacquer
Pedestal Clock
Reference: NO 21
This pedestal clock is housed in walnut with a 65mm clock face
Sapele Urn
Reference: NO 29
An Urn made from Sapele and dressed with Gloss Lacquer
Sea Urchins
Reference: NO 2
A selection of Christmas tree decorations. Prices starting from £25
Spalted Beech Bowl
Reference: NO 17
This Bowl is 220mm x 75mm and has some texturing done to both sideband has a Wood Wax finish
Sycamore Dish
Reference: NO 26
A lovely Sycamore Dish 175mmx 60mm dressed in Danish Oil